Mallik's MoneyWise 2.0

Mallik's MoneyWise is a personal finances management software, to manage your income and expenses.

  • You can categorize the income and expenses under the appropriate categories.
  • Provides various tabular and graphical reports for analysis.
  • Flexible search criteria for searching expenses.

It is easy to use and HAS JUST WHAT YOU NEED !! See the Online Demo.


  • Windows XP / NT / 2000
  • Internet Explorer 6
  • Microsoft Access

Features At a Glance

  • Manage all your personal expenses and income
  • Customized categories for classification of income and expenses
  • Ability to link transactions (income / expense) to Users and Bank accounts
  • Summary and detailed reports
  • Custom Reports based on date range and selected categories
  • Customizable Graphical reports
  • Calendar month view, with summary of income and expense for each day
  • Calendar day view, with detailed income and expenses
  • Flexible and robust search functionality
  • Color themes
  • Monitoring of monthly expenses based on categories
  • Left and Top navigation menu. User’s preference
  • Data export into csv and xml formats
  • Data import from csv and xml files
  • Import Quicken and Microsoft Money data files


How It Works?

1. Define Your Income / Expense Categories. You can create as many categories as you want. You can set an estimated amount for each category that you wish to monitor.

2. Record Expenses/Income. Enter the details of income or expenses under the appropriate categrory.

3. Use Various Reports, Graphs and Calendar views for your analysis.

All your monitored categories with the estimated and actual amount will be displayed on the dashbord of the application, when you login.